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Green Orchard

The Farm

our story...

The farm estate La Bandita is located near Petroio, in the province of Siena.

Petroio, Trequanda and Castelmuzio are little hilltop towns scattered across our luscious, green Tuscan countryside. It is here that
our products find their origin: extra-virgin olive oil and a rich array of jams and jellies.

Adding experience to quality and passion, we have been dedicating ourselves for years to the production of every type of jam
imaginable. Whether you are looking for a great simple breakfast jam or a more innovative combination of flavours to be eaten with cheeses, meats or cold cuts, you won’t be disappointed.

We offer a range of more than 30 types of preserves (made from fruit, vegetables, flowers and wine) all of which are hand-made with
the utmost care. Our aim has always been to find, and to share, unique taste experiences and we are proud of our results amongst Tuscany’s finest. We remain one of the rare producers in the region that offers a homemade feel in the product.


Olive Oil

Harvesting & the oil's characteristics

The Harvest

The olives, of the varieties Correggiolo, Moraiolo and Leccino, are stripped off by hand in the month of
November. At the end of each working day they are taken to the oil mill in order to be immediately
crushed. In this way the oil will have a very low acidity and a very low content of peroxides, factors which
apart from guaranteeing a high quality product, also enable the oil to maintain the persistence of its aroma
and taste for a very long time.

The Oil's Characteristics

This oil has an intense green colour with strong fruity notes of artichoke, newly cut grass and almonds.
Slightly peppery when new, with time it will tend to soften.
It is ideal for dressings, on pulses, red meat, boiled and steamed fish. It is also excellent on a slice of bread
with a pinch of salt added.

For friends, I love to make bruschetta. I grill country bread with olive oil and make toppings, like crab, roasted squash, mushrooms, whatever's seasonal.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Jams & jellies

Homemade with love

At La Bandita jams and jellies are made with fruit partly produced on the farm and partly purchased, always of the highest quality.

We believe in traditional methods combined with modern research and innovation.
We are full of ideas and we love to experiment new things. That’s how our products are brought to life.
Many of our flavours go perfect side by side with other dishes, in particular cheese. As a matter of fact, many local creameries in the region offer their customers our products along with their cheese plates. They are available in 40 g, 100 g and 212 g jars (alternative sizes can be taken into consideration upon order).


Contact Us

INFO@LABANDITA.IT / TEL: +39 577 665826 CEL:+39 380 4552804

Kindly share with us your requests.


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