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Leonardo Falvo with his wife Daniela Mariotti and their sons Marco (centre) and Alessandro

The family

Our family moved to Petroio in 2001, after having purchased – two years before – 56 hectares of uncultivated land, comprising a farm house to be renovated and a small olive grove which had run wild.

Our attraction to this area – which seems so far from the rest of the world and is an invitation to take life at a slower pace – was immediate. Living at the edge of a large wood – where the only sounds to be heard are those of the wind, rain and animals – has dimensions which are unknown to city dwellers. With farming it is impossible to hurry and dependence on the weather means that moments of anxiety alternate with moments of intense joy or disappointment. Money has lost its significance and the simple things have acquired great importance. It is with these feelings that we renovated the farm, careful not to transform it into a villa, planted vines and fruit trees and regenerated the olive grove, doing a lot of the work with our bare hands.
The only way to obtain good things is to be totally committed. Our products are the result of an obstinate and unstinting dedication. We are a small estate, but this doesn’t matter: we know we have the potential to go far.


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